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Alcea Rosea


Alcea Rosea

A construction fence design for project Amstel 111, a hotel in the highest segment.

Alcea Rosea, also called Hollyhock or Stokroos in Dutch, grows effortlessly between paving stones, preferably against facades. The2-year-old plant can grow up to 2 metres tall and is a popular plant in the Amsterdam streetscape.
Inspired by the floristic facade designs from the Art Nouveau period, these Hollyhocks, interwoven with Aedes/Amstel111 symbolism, complement the urban landscape and disguise the restoration of Amstel 111.

Amstel 111 is an historic location right in the centre of Amsterdam, on a corner where the Amstel river meets the Nieuwe Prinsengracht canal, nearby cultural jewels of the Royal Theatre Carré, the Dutch National Opera & Ballet.

Nynke Tynagel for Aedes

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